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Plus - Accounting Software

Version : 2.01 Release Date : 20-Jun 2024

Plus Accounting Software is Easy & Advanced general purpose accounting software with Audit trail, secured data backup on your own Google Drive account and other many unique features like Whatsapp sharing, Telegram Sharing, Cloud Reporting Portal & Android App, Scheme Management, Auto Bill From Order, Packing / Crate Stock, etc.. We provide accounting software which is suitable for various business categories like Accountants, Traders, Dealers, Distributors, Industries, Mobile Shops and other SMEs.

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Kishan - Mandi Software

Version : 6.01 Release Date : 15-May 2024

Kishan is Most Popular accounting, billing and inventory software for APMC market yard traders and commission agents. It is easy & best accounting software which satisfies every need of commission agents and traders. It is useful for Grain Merchants, Traders, Anaj Mandi Merchants, Mandi Muneem, Grain Mandi Merchants,Sabzi Mandi Merchants, Vegetable & Fruit Merchants & Commission Agents.

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Pharma Care - Pharmacy Software

Version : 2.01 Release Date : 20-Jun 2022

Pharma Care is specialised accounting software for Retail Pharmacy or Wholesale Pharmacy. It has unique features to satisfy all the special requirements of medical stores like billing, accounting and inventory management. We also provide Mobile application for pharmacy to receive medicine order online by customers.

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Smart Plus

Version : Release Date :

Smart Plus Billing & Inventory App for Android

Smart Plus is Billing and Inventory application for Android Smart Phones and Tablets. It Provides POS Sales entry, Purchase entry, Cash-Bank Receipt and Payment entry. It provides sales entry by Touch, Type and Barcode scanning. It provides reports like day report, sales register, purchase register, accounts receivable, accounts payable, account ledger, product ledger, item date wise summary and date item wise summary and VAT reports.

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Version : 4.01 Release Date : 07-Sep 2022

Dalal is accounting software for canvassing agents. It has unique features for canvassing agents like Contract note entry and auto Brokerage bill preparation from Contract entry etc... 

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E-way Bill Generator

Version : 0.0 Release Date : 04-Feb 2020

E-way Bill Generator

E-way Bill Generator is Application for Android Smartphone and Tablets. It helps Plus Accounting Software user to Generate E-way Bill by Just Scanning a QR Code.

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Version : Release Date :

E-Commerce Solution

* Plus Retail E-Commerce application is a platform where seller can offer their products to users of Plus Retail application by registering with Plus Retail Application.

* Vendors can showcase their products in Plus Retail application and sell online using Plus E-Commerce platform. Plus retail application provides an opportunity to local business owners to provide their customers a facility to view their products online and order from the comfort of their home and receive door step delivery.

* Plus retail application users can download application for free and register with Vendor by entering ID of Vendor. Once registration is done, users can view products offered by vendor, view offers & discount and order products from mobile.

* Plus Retail e-commerce platform is ideal for any retail business like
- Super Market
- Mobile Phones
- Mobile Accessories
- Laptops, Computer Accessories & Tablets
- Electronic Gadgets
- Home & Kitchen appliances
- Readymade clothing
- Luggage
- Personal care
- Fashion & Jewelry
- Furniture etc..

Install Plus Retail app for unique benefits

Simply download the Plus Retail app on your device (phone or tablet) and create an account for yourself by entering vendor id. Now, you will be taken to the Home screen where you will find links to all the category products, along with amazing offers, deals and discounts uploaded by vendor.

1. Easily type in the product you are looking for in the ‘Search’ tab and find it instantly
2. Add products to cart. It will be saved until they checkout.
3. Submit Order.
4. Track orders inside the app, get notifications, order status.

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